There is a great place for coffee and to buy bread in Addis and as Saturday morning shopping trips always involve going to more than one location, we usually combine the two.

Variety is the spice of life

Recently we needed petrol, and having been waved on from at least two stations (they were out of fuel) we joined the mayhem at a third. Once on the forecourt we located a pump dispensing "benzine". There were three rows of cars converging on this pump and we crept forwards little by little all the while jockeying for position. Just for fun while in the queue I noted the people that appeared at the car window. They tried to sell us:


A couple of weeks ago Chris looked up “Addis Ababa traffic law” on the Internet. She discovered that in 2010 several new laws had been added to the statute book, outlawing front seat passengers with no seat belts, motorcyclists with no helmets, jaywalking across the ring road, talking on a mobile phone whilst driving and the like.

There is always someone worse off than you

During the last two weeks my classroom notice boards were due to be painted. The American guy who was tasked with this ran out of time before his return to the States so left me the paint and brushes. It took two days and four coats of paint to achieve that goal. The paint had a tendency to be absorbed by the very old pin board so needed to be ‘worked in’. One thing I learnt the hard way. It is advisable to ensure that you have enough to finish an entire board before you ask for a refill of paint. I discovered the paint room.

Rats and Recycling

Have you seen the makeover programmes that transform a house or room in a short time frame? Well that has been my challenge during the last two weeks. I needed to get to know everything in my classroom and the outside store and organize it in a way that would be useable by both adults and children alike.

An Umbrella Tale

Second go at writing this. Five minutes ago I’d settled down, typed the title, and bang the power went off. Only twenty four minutes of battery left, so hasty switch to my work laptop (which hasn’t quite made it all the way to work yet…) which has 90% battery for three hours or so. Welcome back to Addis. Now I’m on a timescale…

The Welcome

Cometh the End, Cometh the Holiday

School's out. it was the last day on Friday and on Thursday next week we will be heading for the UK for 20 days of madness driving/flying around the country to visit St Albans, Chelmsford, Wetheringsett, Dereham, Edinburgh, Kettering, Cheltenham and Southampton. We're both in need of a holiday - the school year here has only two terms and four breaks so we've both worked longer than we are used to and are looking forward to a change and (as far as I am concerned) eating as many pork products as possible.