Of Cake, Codes and Children


Someone who knows him well said Haile would be far more than a taxi driver if I needed help with anything. Well I needed help on Chris’s birthday – where on earth do you get a birthday cake in Addis? I had seen some cakes in a coffee shop chain, and also in the Hilton. However “I’m just popping out to get a cake” is not something you can say to your staff at lunch time here, because popping anywhere is almost impossible, and cakes are few and far between. Cake is a western introduction to Ethiopia, so the Amharic word for “cake” is … “cake” (or “ኬክ” as they say here).

Birthday wishes again and again and again…

It was my birthday on the 5th May and Beth sent me a text with her good wishes (once) which Ethiotelecom delivered at 9.21 and 11.22.

 I also received that same text at 14.30 and 21.32 on the 7th May, at 4.36, 5.36 7.37, 12.39 and 15.41 on the 8th May, at 1.45 and 10.48 on the 9th May, and at 03.55 on the 10th May.

Frustratingly Ethiotelecom does not provide the facility to reply to a single one of them!

New Improved Blog!

Thank you to all of you who have read and commented on our blog - it really encourages us.

I have been frustrated by not being able to respond to some of your comments - often I don't exactly know who has commented (who are you Andrew?!) I deliberately kept the website simple at first, so people would find it really easy to use.