Prayer Requests from Phil and Chris

Dear All,

Thank you again for your ongoing prayer support.

You may have gathered from news reports last weekend that the political situation in Ethiopia has become volatile.

There have been ongoing protests across the country, particularly  in the Oromo and Amhara regions that make up the majority of the Ethiopian population. They feel unrepresented and repressed. As a result many political prisoners have been released, which just encouraged protests. After three days of a protest "sit in" strike last week which almost placed Addis Ababa under siege, the Prime Minister  Hailemariam Desalegn resigned. Chaos and indecision in government ensued, and the "State of Emergency" that was in place for 10 months after the October 2016 riots was reinstated. As yet we don't really know what this means but we are restricted to staying in Addis Ababa for the time being until the dust settles and the situation clarifies. Unfortunately many commentators believe the worst thing the government could have done was to resume a "State of Emergency" as this will not do anything to placate the grievances of the majority of the population, who are demanding greater freedom and democracy.

So please pray for us. Please pray for:

  • Safety in our day to day work - we just want to get on with what we came here to do;
  • Wisdom for the leadership of both SIM Ethiopia and Bingham Academy in making decisions about travel and security both in Addis and for missionaries in remote places;
  • Wisdom for the government in settling a potentially incendiary situation;
  • Clarity of thought for us as we decide about trips we have planned and visitors we are expecting.

We are very thankful to God both for safety so far and for an ongoing peaceful atmosphere in the city, and also for the fact that our work in the school, the clinic and at church continues uninterrupted.

We'll keep you informed of how things are going.

Phil and Chris


We are in Morocco at present, just for the day we kept you in our prayers xx

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