Phil and Chris's New Year Prayer Letter 2018

Dear All,

Thank you for praying for us - it means a lot to us and we really appreciate it.

Chris's paperwork was all eventually sorted out, praise God! We are both set up now for another year here.

We had a lovely 2-week break in the UK visiting all our family in Cheltenham, Southampton, Edinburgh, Norfolk and Chelmsford (in that order). We came back to a re-organised 4-day SIM Ethiopia Spiritual Life Conference (SLC - a biennial event and this was our third one), moved from way out in the country to close to Addis because of security concerns.We are now back in Addis and have started our usual work here - today was the first day of school for Chris, and I am back in clinic. I shall shortly be trying to set up another small Bible study group at Bingham.

SIM Ethiopia is dealing with a very tricky problem at the Langano compound - a long-term project involving a school and a clinic in a very needy rural area on the south side of lake Langano. All SIM personnel have had to be evacuated because of threats of violence and a lot of discontent over employment issues. it is possible the compound will have to close after many years of serving the extremely poor population there. 

We are thankful for:

  • Safety in all our travelling over the last few weeks;
  • A successful SLC;
  • Ongoing opportunities for Chris with her "Y'Tesfa Birhan" girls and for me at our church (I'm teaching four sessions on Jonah starting next Sunday);
  • Easing of security concerns around Ethiopia.

We would value prayer for:

  • Continued easing of the inter-ethnic tensions causing security issues especially in the north and east of the country;
  • Our day to day work in school and the clinic, that we would show Jesus in all we do;
  • The group of extremely poor girls Chris helps each Wednesday afternoon, that they would here the Gospel clearly;
  • For my teaching sessions at our church and the Bible study group at Bingham - that there would be a good number interested and a good spirit amongst the attendees;
  • For SIM Ethiopia leadership - more personnel are required, and great wisdom is needed in dealing with the Langano situation. Please pray for the two families that have been evacuated to Addis - they have no idea what the future holds for their missionary work in Ethiopia and it's quite a stressful time for them.

Thanks again.

Phil and Chris

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