Praise and Prayer 8th December 2017

The ID CardThank you all for praying for us and for involving so many others in your circles of friends and colleagues. I had been hearing rumours that a compromise over the tax situation had been reached,but I wasn't prepared to share any information until Chris's ID card was actually and physically in our possession. Well it still isn't. However it is locked with her passport in the Bingham safe, as Chris was too busy this afternoon with her class's nativity play to bring it home.

Between patients in my afternoon surgery Sister Aster came rushing into my room, and told me excitedly that she had something to show me but I had to be quick. She had found the SIM government relations officer on his way out of the HQ compound and made him give her Chris's ID card (Sr Aster can be a force to be reckoned with when she's determined!) so she could bring it to show me. I now feel a bit like the Apostle John in his first epistle: "That ... which we have seen with our eyes, which we have looked at and our hands have touched—this we proclaim..." - yes, I saw it, touched it and took a rapid scan of it before Sr Aster whisked it away down to Petros waiting impatiently at the compound gate to take Chris's and everyone else's documents back to Bingham.

So it's in the bag! (More precisely, the safe...) Praise God for answered prayer, and again thanks for all your prayerful support.

Next weekend we head to the UK for a two-week break before attending the SIM Ethiopia 5-day "Spiritual Life Conference" (SLC) from January 1st to 5th. We will be visiting St Albans, Balsham (Cambridgeshire), Cheltenham, Southampton, Edinburgh, Norwich and Chelmsford before flying back. The two Sundays we are there will involve Cheltenham and Edinburgh, so we won't have an opportunity to attend Spicer Street sadly. 

The security situation in Ethiopia is a little uncertain at present. We are thankful that there has been no local reaction to President Trump's decision about Jerusalem. However there is a lot of ethnic unrest between the Oromo people and the Somali people in the east of the country (mainly about land possession) with many reported killed and injured. There was also a fatal shooting in the far north east this week - a German tourist was shot dead. Also there have been disturbances in the town we are going to for SLC.

Please be in prayer for these things. Thank you.

Wishing you all a peaceful and Christ-filled Christmas and New Year,

Phil and Chris


Very good news on the ID card; it even has a really nice photo!

That's really prayer answered about the ID card, thank goodness.

If you are staying in St Albans we would love to catch a glimpse of you, I imagine you have everything planned to the last degree, but would be great to catch up, even if only in Morrison's car park!  Sadly my role at the Abbey has been taken over by a paid one, so no free lessons and carols tickets this year.  We are currently under several inches of snow, hope you make it back safely.  Have a joyful, family Christmas.

Lots of love, Roz and Roger.

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