Urgent Prayer Request December 2017

Dear All,

Thank you for your continued prayer support.

We would value your prayers for Chris's residence and work permit situation. It is a bit complicated, so I'll try to give you the bottom line.

Chris is now here on a 1 month business visa that expires on 16th December which is coincidentally the date we fly to the UK for Christmas. Before then she needs a new resident's ID and work permit so she can come back after the Christmas break and continue teaching. However this is held up in the Ministry of Labour because they want Bingham to pay Chris a salary so she can pay Bingham for the things they currently provide as a benefit (accommodation, power, Internet etc) with the ultimate aim of taxing her. Bingham has always existed on volunteer teachers who are not paid. 

We don't know how this will pan out. We are praying the Ministry of Labour will see sense and allow her to continue as at present. It is however possible they will refuse, and we will have to return to the UK permanently. There are other possibilities between those two extremes.

Thanks for praying. There are some important meetings today. I'll keep you informed



Would you like me to put this round our church prayer line?

Yes please Cara that would be great. Feel free to share the prayer letters and blogs with whoever you wish. The more the merrier! Thanks for your prayers.

Emailed our prayerline co-ordinator. Please God, help!

Praying for you - we know how important this work is to you and how valuable Chris is to Bingham ... sure you ar important too PHil!

We will be praying! Wonderfully God is sovereign even over beaurocracy! 


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