Chris and Phil's November 2017 Prayer and Praise Letter

Dear All,

Thank you for continuing to pray for us.Today I have some very good news - my clinic licence has been renewed without a problem.

A few weeks ago we were inspected again by FMHACA - the Ethiopian "Food, Medicines and Healthcare Administration and Control Authority" (kinda rolls off the tongue...) and we scored 91%. This was largely due to our lab technician, although they briefly threatened that they really wanted us to have TWO lab technicians plus a laboratory receptionist. But with such a high score my green licence was renewed without a hitch - my first trip to a government office when nothing bloggable happened - in and out in 10 minutes with a successful outcome. So praise God for answered prayer.

As always in November we need paper work renewing. This year Chris's work permit is being transferred from SIM Ethiopia to Bingham Academy - and some bureaucracy has to be navigated. My work permit and residency ID should naturally follow from the clinic licence but you never know until it's done. Also we need our drivers' licences renewing. 

So please be in prayer for us :

  • That Chris's work permit transfer will go smoothly;
  • That the absence of Chris's university degree course transcript will not prove a stumbling block to the process (her university no longer exists but Ethiopian authorities love transcripts);
  • That my work permit and residency ID will come though soon;
  • That our drivers' licences will renew without a hitch.

One last request - the school will be receiving a new director early next year - please pray for Kent and his family as they come to Addis long term.

Thanks again.


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