Prayer Requests October 2017

Thank you for your continued prayer support.

The fourth anniversary of our arrival in Addis Ababa is approaching, which means our residency ID and work permits need renewing. If you are a regular blog reader you will know the stresses and strains this process has caused in the past. We would value your prayers for this again, as our continued life and work here depends on a successful outcome.

For Phil:
The clinic inspection has this year resulted in a high score of just over 91%. Hopefully this will mean the hassle we had last year in renewing the licence for the clinic to continue to function will not be repeated and the relicencing will take place easily. If it does, my work permit and residency ID card should follow pretty much automatically. However our time here has taught us not to take anything for granted until the job's done.

Please pray for these three things to go through without any hitches - the renewal of the clinic licence, work permit, and residency ID.

For Chris:
In the last couple of years the Ethiopian Ministry of Education has started questioning whether teachers aged 60 and above should continue to work in Ethiopia. We are not entirely sure why this is, but apparently Ethiopian teachers have a retirement age of 60, and they are insisting volunteer ex-pat teachers do the same. Chris hit 60 in May 2017. As neither she nor her photo on her work permit looks that age, we are hopeful her work permit will be renewed without a problem.

Please pray that Chris's work permit will be renewed and that she will be able to continue her role as KG1 teacher at Bingham Academy.

Thank you for joining us in praying for these important matters.

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