Phil and Chris's Prayer Letter June 2017

The rainy season is well and truly on us now. I know this not just because it keeps raining,but because the birds have changed - the kites have gone and half a dozen vultures just landed on the top of a tree nearby. Also the Bingham term is ending in four days and so we will be heading to the UK for a few weeks.

It’s hugely encouraging that the things in this list we are thankful for are mostly the things we asked you to pray for in our last letter!

Bingham Academy
Thank God for:

  • An almost full complement of teachers for the new academic year that starts in August;
  • The appointment of a new director who will be starting next January;
  • The provision of work permits for the teachers over the age of 60 allowing them to continue working here.

Please pray for :

  • The new director (Kent) and his wife and three young children as they raise support and plan their move here next January;
  • The interim director (Kathy) as she and the team supporting her fill the gap until Kent arrives;
  • The August orientation programme for the new staff - to help prepare them for teaching here.

Y’tesfa Birhan (The group of 25 extremely needy girls from the local community Chris works with each week)
Thank God for:

  • A High School mum who is supporting the older girls once they have left the programme;
  • Vicky, a UK teacher who is leaving now who has been a great blessing to the girls;
  • Amanda, an incoming teacher who is willing to pick up where Vicky left off.

Please pray:

  • For the girls during the rainy season – their schools are closed and they and their families have reduced opportunities for generating income;
  • particularly for safety for the girls and their families in very harsh living conditions;
  • For Amanda as she joins the team.

International Evangelical Church (IEC)
Thank God for:

  • Successful completion and warm reception of my teaching series on the Minor Prophets and my recent sermon at IEC East;
  • The appointment of new elders – we now have a full complement of 12;
  • A smooth end to Pastor Jerry’s time here – his last sermon is on YouTube.

Please pray:

  • For David, our Youth Pastor, who’s filling the gap before the new senior pastor arrives in August;
  • For our incoming pastor, also called David, and his wife Sue as they prepare to leave Canada;
  • For guidance for me – I need new subject matter for my next series teaching in the Adult Bible Fellowship when we return in August.

SIM Clinic
Thank God for:

  • Noelle, who has stepped into the Healthcare Coordinator role and is helping us develop new services;
  • Good relationships amongst the clinic staff;
  • No further difficulties from the authorities.

Please pray:

  • For the rainy season programme of screening tests we have put in place, that there will be tangible health gain;
  • For one of our staff, Atsede, who is facing severe family and housing issues;
  • For the plans  to relocate the clinic while the SIM HQ site is redeveloped.

A brief word about Ruth, Chris’s teaching assistant. She’s made a great recovery, but is not back to her old self and is finding the work in the classroom too demanding. The school will relocate her to a less demanding job for the next academic year.

Finally please pray for us personally as we have a break with friends and family. Hannah is due to deliver her third child any day now- grandchild number five.

Briefly, here’s our itinerary:

18th to 21st June – St Albans (we will be at the Spicer Street second service on 18th June);
22nd June to 30th June – in Chelmsford helping Hannah and Dominic with their children;
1st July to 8th July – on holiday in Scotland with the whole family;
9th July to 13th July – Norfolk visiting my mum;
17th July to 27th July – visiting friends in the USA;
28th July to 4th August – staying with friends in Balsham, near Cambridge.

Thank you so much for praying for us.

Phil and Chris


Yay for answered prayer. Especially the work permit thing. That is great news. God is so very good!

Hay Dad,

Amazing to hear how God has answered many prayers with a yes! Can't wait to hear how you both are doing when you get back.

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