Do you feel like a Burger?

Big Mak CafeAs I drove past this establishment in a taxi I couldn’t help wondering what I would be served if I ventured inside.

Each day in school I marvel at the variety of food that young children bring here for mid-morning snacks and enjoy. Cold burgers, cold fried fish, cold spaghetti, cold chips and ketchup, cold firfir (traditional Ethiopian chopped injera), slabs of cake, sandwiches, Weetabix and milk, cold porridge, yogurt, bars of chocolate, fruit snacks, biscuits, imported treats like goldfish (a savoury snack from America) and a popular favourite; dehydrated noodles (eaten crunchy without water). Feeling nauseous yet? I’m currently working on an information leaflet for the new intake of students with ideas for healthy snacks and appropriate quantities. To be fair many children have breakfast very early and lunch very late as they travel across the city to reach Bingham each day.

Just two weeks of school left until the rainy season break and the time for special celebrations. Today we attended the end of term Gibsha. It was an opportunity to say goodbye to teachers who are moving on to new locations throughout the world. This is always sad, as relationships have been built whilst living and working closely together. However, it is also a time when Bingham honours it’s Ethiopian employees. This is the happy part. Certificates are awarded to those who have served here for five or ten years. Other awards are made to individuals for outstanding contributions. I was able to nominate Ruth (my Teaching Assistant) again and I’m pleased to say she received the recognition she deserved. She is a remarkable lady who flourishes and grows in her knowledge and service every year. There is also a coveted award for a department. Last year the guards won it, this year it was our faithful cleaning staff. Each award is received with smiles and humility which is a great example to us all.


I've just given away all the goldfish in my pond - obviously missed an opportunity here!!!

Hay Mum, 

I did jump a little when you mentioned goldfish before reading on.  I think I remember trying them.  They are cheesy flavour crisps right? In the shape of small fish?

When you say cake, I take it the Ethiopian kids don't come in with cake?  If memory serves they have sweet drinks rather than food?

Love you.

Actually a lot of cake is consumed here in Bingham by all nationalities. You are right about the sweet drinks though, they are given to very young children in the community. If you go to a local restaurant or Ethiopian home that's what you will be offered. On the plus side the bananas we can buy are so tasty and the mangos make your mouth water!

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