Truly International

This week has been a bit dull (from a  blogging point of view) so I thought I might leave it to Chris who's been to Lemma's again and nearly squashed a chicken (on a separate occasion). Until today. Today was International Sunday at the International Evangelical  Church (IEC) that we have joined. Normally there are two services on a Sunday morning but today we all joined together and the place was bursting with over seven hundred people. Flags of the nations represented were hung from the balcony and all sorts of types and styles of singing lifted the congregation in praise and worship. 54 nations were identified as being represented altogether. In this huge crowd there were very few others from the UK. The joy and natural ebullience of African worship is quite infectious and very uplifting. Pastor Jerry preached a shorter sermon than normal but the whole service took two and a half hours. Lunch was then served with contributions from all over the world. Chris made a shepherd's pie but as much as I like her cooking this was an opportunity to have some good Ethiopian food.

We've enjoyed getting to know Daniel from Germany who teaches at Bingham and also attends IEC. He defines unpatriotic - he doesn't really like Germany much - the food, the culture etc. I can't even get him to enthuse about a decent bratwurst. Today rather than represent Germany Daniel came as an Australian. He helped by contributing an Australian flag and an Australian meat pie. He even identified with the Australians (of which there were several) during the service.

Jesus told his disciples to tell the world about him, and to make disciples of all nations. This morning was a small glimpse into the successful result - almost 2000 years later. This morning was all about Jesus.

Here's a seven minute video I've put together from this morning. Forgive the quality - this was done on my mobile phone but you'll get a feel for what it was like. it's edited, don't worry.  Enjoy!


Loved the passion and the energy. 
Could this be Spicer ina couple of years! :-)

Thanks so much for sharing your experience - great to get a glimpse of the international flavour of IEC.

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