You never know what will appear outside...

Living as we do, facing the school field we often have football matches happening close to our front door. Some begin well before 8 am. However occasionally something surprising happens. I saw ‘Beach Party’ for the middle school advertised and wondered how that could happen in a land-locked African country. This week there was a delivery of hay bales and quite rapidly, with the help of wood, plastic sheeting, rope and some metal stakes a swimming pool was constructed on the field. This had added challenge as a tree trunk was laid across and two middle schoolers wielding sponge clubs attempted to knock each other off into the water. A waterslide made with a hose, plastic sheeting and a good deal of Daz detergent was another attraction. There was also volley ball and a piniata for each grade.  School on Saturday has never been so much fun!

We invited Seble our house worker to visit with her children on Sunday afternoon. Her children were counting the days until they could come! They had a great time trying out the playground equipment. Theresa a Scottish teacher who Seble also works for was with us and suggested trying the trampoline in the gym. This generated much enjoyment especially when Phil joined in!  We had afternoon tea along with the injera and wat that Seble kindly brought with her as a gift. Quite a mix of cultures.


We love your blog. Live is certainly not boring in Ethiopia for you. It is so great to get to know local Ethiopians as it makes your stay there rather interesting. 
We are freezing here in Canada with one of the coldest winters throughout Canada. Calgary has temperatures in the - 30's--rather different from what we experienced before Christmas. John and I are keeping busy skiing, babysitting, and leading an international Alpha group--Korean, Japanese, and Chinese.
We love your pictures as it does make us miss Addis. However, we are also glad to be back home. You are in our prayers.
Vi Parris

I am loving seeing these pictures, Dad looks like he is having loads of fun!

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