Teaching at Bingham Academy

The sun is up, there isn’t a cloud in the sky and red kites are circling overhead, as I walk out of our front door and next door but one to the teacher’s lounge. It’s filling up with staff from Elementary and High school. We meet to consider why we are here, to be encouraged and pray for the school day and specific pupils. Each day begins like this.

I spent last week meeting classes and teachers and piecing together my timetable. I’ll be teaching from Kindergarten to Grade 5 (Foundation to Year six) in fun packed days covering Literacy, Maths, Library, PE, as well as small group and individual support.

There are so many nationalities represented in each class which I need to relate to appropriately. Commendations include ‘well done’ for Europeans, ‘good job’ for Americans and Canadians and ‘gobez’ for Ethiopians.

Kindergarten is next to our apartment and I can’t spend enough time there, however it takes some adjustment to hear children singing nativity songs or colour Christmas pictures with the sun streaming through the windows onto the role play Christmas tree.

At recess (playtime), a different tasty treat is provided by the kitchen each day, (pancakes, muffins) and there is real coffee! Staff prefer to stand around or sit on the wall at the edge of the field with football games happening behind. Large play equipment looks like an accident waiting to happen and safety surfaces don’t exist here but I’m assured that no incidents have occurred.

A number of children live on the compound so you meet them in their homes too. This is real communal living.



Sounds great Mum! I'm delighted it's so communal, it sounds wonderful. How odd to experience Christmas trees in the sunshine! xxx

This just sounds like a perfect place to be teaching!  All those things we hate obviously don't concern you - it sounds lovely.
Much love
Lizzy x 

It sounds really fantastic glad it is going so well.

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